Discovering Disability and Diversity Professional Development Workshops

Discovering Disability and Diversity are running a number of different workshops for organisations and schools and I have described these below.   If you find any of these interesting or find out whether or not come to your school or organization please just send me an email at or give me a phone call on 0417 708 945.

We can help your organization to develop a disability action plan and can take you through all the stage necessary to create and understand the process well. We run disability awareness programs that can take anytime from one hour through a full day session that explores many different facets within the disability area.  Exploration of both physical and hidden disabilities is central to these workshops and all learning is completed through a process of experiential learning.  In other words this mean that as participants in the professional development session everybody gets to experience a hands on approach to learning.  There are many simulations of all key disability areas and these are then linked to either the workplace or job description of participants.  Questions and answers and practical solutions follow on from the interactive part of the workshop.  Stories are shared about prior knowledge and all these areas are linked together to create a deep level understanding of disability awareness.  The approach is hands on and interactive and values the idea of multiple intelligences.  You will not be bored and I guarantee that what you learn in anyone of the PD sessions will continue to influence the way that you do and participate in life in a different way.

Each PD session links to others but also can stand alone. You can choose to do the sessions face to face in your chosen location and you can also choose to link in to any of our online sessions or our video links for more information.

We have a lot of new information about the NDIS and what that will mean for our community as it is rolled out across Australia. If you want to find out more about this area please check out the workshops that include NDIA and NDIS content.  There will be more of these workshops added over the coming months.